Not all Alzheimer’s care programs are created equal. While some recognize the need for individualized memory care, others unfortunately may not. The good news is you can rest easy knowing that Encore Communities is aware of this need.

We are your trusted provider of compassionate and personalized care for people living with Washington memory loss. Whether you are looking for quality dementia care or Alzheimer’s care, you can trust our memory care team to create a plan that will be suitable for you or your loved one.

How Memory Care Can Make a Difference

At Encore Communities, we understand that an individualized memory care program is the key to meeting the needs of our residents. We take a person-centered approach to elder care, and we do not simply place our seniors in a one-size-fits-all option.

Our memory care team carefully evaluates the unique capabilities of our residents through input from their families as well as patient observation. As a result, we are able to not only create a unique memory care plan to provide for their needs. We are also able to foster for them a memory care lifestyle of purpose and positivity.

Here are just some of the ways that you or your family member can benefit from our memory care approach:

Our memory care program focuses on the strengths and abilities of our residents.

The way we provide memory care differs from others in that we do not focus on what our residents cannot do. We take the opposite perspective instead and highlight everything that they are capable of. This way, we can lift the spirits of our memory care residents by reminding them that they are still people with unique and amazing strengths.

By shifting our focus, we send the message to our memory care residents that their degenerative issue does not define them. We do not take over a task (such as bathing) that our memory care residents can still do so that we know we are not taking away their dignity.

Your family is a vital part of our memory care program.

It is normal for memory care residents to be unable to properly articulate their needs and preferences. This is where their families come in. With help from the loved ones of our memory care residents, we will create a plan that gives importance to who they are now and who they used to be.

Working with families enables us to get to know our memory care residents on a deeper level and in a way that they deserve. In addition, staying in touch with our residents’ families helps us transfer memory care seamlessly from homes to our community. Learn more about alzheimer’s here.

Our memory care program allows our residents to benefit from a balanced life.

By learning about our memory care residents, we can apply unique information to their lives in the community. We will strive to create for them a memory care lifestyle of balance that leads to happiness and fulfillment.

Trust Us for Individualized Memory Care in Port Ludlow

If you or someone you know is living with Washington memory loss, contact us. We will do whatever is possible to give you the memory care you deserve. Click here to contact us!

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