The Inspiring Story of One Man’s Road to Recovery

Silverdale, Washington-Nov,2021  Mike Sitton, a 79-year-old independent man, never expected that one day his entire life would change in an instant. He had experienced weakness on the left side of his body known as hemiparesis. Sitton’s nephew, Kevin Smith shares that Mike spent time initially in the hospital emergency room battling Covid-19 in total isolation before he was later diagnosed with a stroke and transferred to Northwoods Lodge for rehabilitation.

 Northwoods Director of Rehabilitation, Roger Rosado remembers the first time he saw Sitton being hoisted into bed with a Hoyer lift and two staff assisting. He would progress to needing only one person to assist him with getting in and out of bed and then finally, he would be able to get in and out of his bed using a pole on his own. He also advanced to walking 40-50 steps. He continues to make daily jumps in progress. Sitton is a very popular resident with all of his therapists. They are constantly requesting to work with him because he has such a phenomenal attitude and works so hard to succeed with his therapies. He was receiving occupational, physical and speech therapies three times a day.

Sitton and his family are extremely grateful for the incredible care, pristine facilities and dedicated staff at Northwoods Lodge. In fact, according to Sitton’s nephew Kevin Smith, not only did Mike experience the quality of Northwoods’ staff and facilities but his father and his brother-in-law were also cared for there. “It’s not often that you have three different family members who have all been cared for in the same comprehensive outpatient Therapy program with such outstanding outcomes and positive experiences,” says Smith.

Sitton’s story could have easily had a different outcome, but thanks to the Northwood’s expectation of excellence for everyone that is on staff, strong leadership and outstanding outcomes, Mike’s recovery is a success story. It is a tribute to excellence in healthcare at Northwoods Lodge. Rosado, credits the staff with being involved in every aspect of a patient’s care along with Sitton’s phenomenal attitude for his own strong recovery. “Culture is everything and we have that going for us,” said Rosado.

Everybody on staff is involved with all aspects of care and healing.

Smith is also impressed with the friendliness of all the staff at Northwoods Lodge, their receptiveness to requests or appointments and their general helpfulness with navigating provider issues. Sitton is currently transitioning from rehabilitation to maintenance and the care team is working hard to find the most appropriate and perfect community for him to transition to.

Thanks to the wonderful team at Northwoods Lodge and Sitten’s strong desire to recover, the future is looking bright.  For more information on the Encore Communities and Northwood lodge visit Encore Communities at Northwoods Lodge.

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