Short Term Care Bainbridge Island, WA

 Taking care of an aging, ill, or disabled person is a tough job, not only physically but also emotionally. If this is what you do on a regular basis, you will need some time off to maintain a balanced life. Fortunately, Encore Communities is here to help.

When you need a temporary break from providing 24-hour health care, you can rely on us. We can provide short-term care for your loved one and make sure all of his or her needs are addressed while you are away. Through respite care, you can have some time to yourself, do what you wish, and recharge.

How Respite Care Can Help You

Respite care is so important for caregivers, but some of them do not realize that. If you are one, here’s why you should get temporary assistance:

Respite care can help you become a better caregiver.

When caregivers are overwhelmed physically and emotionally, they are at risk for experiencing problems like sleep disorders, depression, guilt, anger, and strained relationships. Respite care can help refresh these people and restore them to their usual compassionate, efficient caregiver self.

In addition, respite care gives you peace of mind knowing that your loved one will still be taken care of in case you suddenly become unable to provide health care. Respite care helps you fulfill your caregiver responsibilities without compromising your own needs.

Respite care can help you become healthier.

Caregivers can see respite care as a sort of preventative short-term care. Possible health and stress issues with themselves can be avoided if they get a well-deserved break through respite care.

It is important to note that time off is not a luxury but a necessity for your mental and physical health. Respite care is essentially a preventative medicine that you must take before you are desperate for it. When you schedule respite care for you and your loved one consistently, your caregiving responsibilities can be a little less overwhelming.

Scheduling respite care can help when you need to take vacations or run errands.

Caring for somebody does not mean that your personal life will be on pause. You will have things to do outside of your health care duties. Through respite care, you can help make sure that you do not overwork yourself.

Respite care comes in a variety of forms, and you are bound to find one that meets your needs. Should you need only a couple of hours off, short-term care is the ideal solution. Respite care can also help you have a week-long break so you can avoid caregiver burnout.

Respite care lets you do what you enjoy and what you are passionate about.

When you finally get that time off through respite care, you can have fun and do what makes you happy. The goal of the respite care is for you to feel reenergized. Whether you wish to meet a friend or see a movie, the choice is yours.

Health care experts suggest that you plan ahead of time to make sure it happens. To get an idea, you can ask yourself what activity you had been missing the most since you became a health care provider.

Give Yourself the Caregiving Break You Need and Deserve

For all of your short-term and respite care needs, you can trust Encore Communities. Contact us to learn more. Click here to view our resources.

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