The Regent Court Lifestyle

The Regent Court Lifestyle

At Regent Court®, residents have an opportunity to contribute to our family. Our residents make the memory care at Regent Court the distinctive and empowering place that it is. Treating people well – with respect, trust, care, and good humor – is tantamount to our memory care approach

A place of vibrancy and life, Regent Court promotes meaning and joy in the lives of our residents, their families, and our Corvallis team. Seniors inspire, motivate, and guide us. As we work to create an empowering culture for our residents, we are building a dignified future for anyone who will ever live with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and related conditions.

A responsive and adaptive community, we invite suggestions from residents, families, and team members that help make Regent Court a more enriching environment. Continually striving for excellence, we keep Regent Court a caring community where our values of kindness and dignity can flourish.

Group of seniors respite care memory care patients playing cards enjoying Regent Court amenities.

Lifestyle Enrichment

Your Lifestyle Your Way

At Regent Court, we believe that elderhood is the crescendo of a lifetime. By creating an environment that supports person-centered, resident-directed care, where we encourage each person to be their very best self. Take a look at our Life Enrichment Programs for an introduction to the exciting life-affirming opportunities we offer.

Group of senior memory care respite care patients playing games under doctoral supervision.

With traditional health care models, care plans establish a patient’s identity in terms of their deficits and the assistance needed––defining care in terms of diagnosis or disease. Our Growth and Wellness Plans use well-being as our frame of reference, and each resident’s goals are tailored to their individual strengths, preferences, and growth opportunities. Our culture of caring partners with residents to deliver health outcomes beyond what you can read on a medical chart.

Personalized Healthcare

We advocate for a shift from institutional models of care to person-directed practices that adapt to individual needs. To foster the well-being of each of our residents, we take a holistic look at their unique strengths, goals, and opportunities, building an approach tailored to their needs.

Memory Care Specialists, Respite Care Specialists, doctors and nurses in Salem, Oregon and Corvallis, Oregon, Regent Court Senior Living Community

Regent Court Programs

Encore Communities, including Regent Court, believe in the power of community and family connections, growth opportunities, cognitive exercise, and the healing power of multi-sensory stimulation. Our programs are designed with these goals in mind.

Best Friends Approach

What people experiencing memory loss need most of all is someone dedicated to helping them feel safe, secure, and valued—at all stages of the disease.

That is why Encore Communities has adopted the Best Friends™ approach and is earning the designation Best Friends™ Environment in all of our communities.

 This person-centered care model is grounded in the understanding that relationships are supremely important in dementia care and should reflect the essential elements of friendship: respect, empathy, support, trust, humor. The approach promotes the dignity and individual rights of people with memory loss through knowing the history and preferences of each person, communicating skillfully, and providing a supportive environment and meaningful engagement.

Music Makes Memories

We are thrilled with the positive results of our Music Makes Memories project. Our brains are hard-wired to connect music with long-term memory. Beloved music often calms chaotic brain activity and enables the listener to focus on the present moment and regain a connection to others. In our Music Makes Memory programming, we provide headphones and an MP3 player downloading playlists individualized for each person. Residents with anxiety and depression are less agitated and appear calmer, as the music transports them to a happier place in their minds. Watch the video below. Oliver Sacks, M.D., noted neurologist and best-selling author of Musicophilia, shares the story of Henry, a gentleman who had been in a long-term care center for years, and had virtually become non-verbal… until he became a participant in an iPod project. See the amazing outcomes! View Henry’s Reaction.

In addition, you’ll enjoy these service amenities:

  • Enjoy expertly prepared meals in our dining room or gather for snacks.
  • Socialize with friends and family in our living room and other common areas.
  • Stroll our walking path and landscaped courtyard.
  • Stay active in social and recreational programs.
  • Relax in our full-service beauty salon and barbershop.
  • Turn housekeeping cares over to our weekly service.
  • Benefit from landscaping and maintenance— done for you.
  • Enjoy complimentary laundry service. Take advantage of our scheduled local transportation service.
  • Gain added peace of mind from our 24-hour security and emergency call systems.

Our Residents Love Us

I have appreciated so much the kind and gentle support of the administrative staff while managing this transition. Their chief nurse is beyond awesome...


I appreciate the staff at Regent Court. They are easy to communicate with and honest in their answers...


Encore Communities has helped me through these tough times. They've made everything easy for me.


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