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Laurel Cove offers community amenities that create a home-like environment while encouraging the social interactions of community living.

We also encourage connections with families and outside community members, which is why we are proud to offer amenities such as free wireless internet access that allows residents to stay connected within our community.

Living Option Rates

All apartments are leased on a month-to-month basis.

There is no long-term lease or buy-in.

Pricing Starting At:

Independent Living

Studio: 326 sq/ft

One Bedroom: 459-688 sq/ft

Assisted Living

Studio: 326 sq/ft

One Bedroom: 459-688 sq/ft

Memory Care

Studio: 326 sq/ft

One Bedroom: 459 sq/ft

Laurel Cove Knitting Group
Laurel Cove Assisted Living
Laurel Cove one bedroom

Memory Care at Laurel Cove

Memory care, sometimes referred to as Alzheimer’s care, is typically an assisted living or residential care setting designed to care for those with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. Any type of dementia (and there are over 70 known types) requires specialized knowledge and techniques from the caregiver.

Laurel Cove Community patients eating breakfast.

Memory care settings may provide physical and emotional support as well as peace of mind for families with a memory-challenged relative. Memory care team members undergo dementia-specific training to learn how to provide the most effective assistance.

Laurel Cove Memory Care is an inclusive living environment where residents are free to wander within a secured area of our community where assistance is always at hand.

There is a safe interior courtyard and garden to allow residents a breath of fresh air in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Laurel Cove Community assisted living patients enjoying lunchtime.

All residents enjoy interacting and supporting one another through various social activities. This prevents isolation of memory care residents and encourages meaningful engagements.

Our memory care programming includes empathetic communication, structured activities, and individual person-centered interaction all of which result in increased self-esteem and empowerment .

Additionally, we pay special attention to nutrition, as well as physical, social, and cognitive stimulation.

Our goal is to help each individual be the best they can be while slowing the progression of cognitive impairments.

Memory Care Benefits

Benefits of our Shoreline community-based memory care setting include:

  • Secured entry to minimize the risk of wandering.
  • Interaction and programs to engage residents in daily life, minimizing social withdrawal.
  • Nutrition, exercise, and social stimulation programs.
  • Routine communication between our care team, families, and the resident’s doctors.
  • Freedom from caring for a loved one’s daily needs, allowing families to spend quality time with their loved one and return to their natural role in the family unit.

Please stop by and experience the warmth of Laurel Cove for yourself.

Short Term Respite Care at Laurel Cove

When You Need It

Do you or your loved one need short term residential respite care? Laurel Cove’s short-term respite stay program can help.

Designed to relieve the family members that care for a loved one, our short-term respite care services can help you reduce stress and––when you resume providing care––do it to the best of your ability.

With Laurel Cove respite care services, your loved one will:

  • Enjoy access to assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs).
  • Participate in our Life Enrichment Program.
  • Receive delicious meals and snacks each day.
  • Stay in a furnished room.
  • Be treated like any other guest in our community.
  • Have access to our 24-hour care team.

Everything we do—from our social activities to our amazing food—is designed to provide a warm and enriching experience. Contact us today for availability.

Laurel Cove Community independent living patients always have fun here.

Assisted Living at Laurel Cove 

Assisted Living in Shoreline, WA

At Laurel Cove, assisted living is more than simply a service we provide. It is a compassionate and holistic approach to care that allows each of our residents to live an independent lifestyle rich with social activities and stimulation. We strive to help our residents enjoy fuller, happier lives.

To accomplish this, we run a full assessment of each resident, determining the types of assistance they might need. Services we can assist with may include bathing, dressing, grooming, medication management, safety checks, and other activities of daily living. From there, we also get to know our residents, determining which of our social activities and clubs might best suit their interests. After all, it’s the people that make any community, and Laurel Cove’s active and engaged residents help make this setting so unique.

Assisted Living in Shoreline Washington

While our activities run the gamut from exercise classes to book clubs and religion-based groups, you can rest assured that your loved one’s calendar will be filled with social engagements. Our restaurant-style dining room also works to cultivate a close-knit community, with each table seating several residents who can chat and interact while our staff cooks the food, serves it, and cleans up.

At Laurel Cove, residents have the choice of either a studio or one-bedroom apartment. Both of which include ample space that residents can customize with their own decor. Additionally, each of our rooms comes with a medical alert device, allowing residents to call for help at the press of a button.

The goal of our assisted living community is to create a lifestyle of fulfillment, dignity, and independence. As such, residents are free to participate in any onsite activities of their choosing or utilize our transportation services for errands or appointments about town. Our open-seating areas also provide ample space for less structured interactions.

At Laurel Cove, our residents deserve independence, and we’re here to provide it.

Independent Living at Laurel Cove

When You Choose It

For those who want their own space and privacy but with easy access to robust social activities and amenities, our independent living is an ideal option. At Laurel Cove, you can live life on your own terms, knowing that help is available for specific daily tasks whenever you may need it.

Just minutes from shopping and restaurants, Laurel Cove’s free transportation services make it easy to get out and experience everything the community has to offer.
We offer both studio and one bedroom living options. As one’s care needs change, residents can easily add more care services as needed.

Laurel Cove Community independent living patients always have fun here.

Unlike assisted living, independent living provides an environment with less involvement from our care staff. Residents may come and go as they choose, and they’ll essentially live as they would outside of a senior care community––the primary differences being that our staff is there to help when they need it, and independent living residents can also take advantage of our community amenities.

Dining, social activities, housekeeping, and laundry will all be handled by our staff, and residents will also have access to our range of onsite social activities and clubs. In addition to safety, the primary benefit of our independent living is the way in which it alleviates the strain of daily chores. Freed from the daily worries of grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning, our residents can make the most of the social aspects of our community.

And should the time come that a resident needs an escalated level of care (either through assisted living or memory care), we can help walk you through the transition, helping you choose an option within our community that helps you live your life to the fullest.


They [Laurel Cove Caregivers] provide my mom with just the right amount of structure and flexibility, and she’s so happy. Meanwhile, I have peace of mind that she’s not lonely and isolated, and she’s got a place to stay for the long term and won’t have to go anywhere else.

Liz C.

I had an in-person tour of Laurel Cove Community. It was really, friendly. Everybody seemed to know people's names, and they chatted with each other. The staff was friendly and nice. It was a homier feeling.


My sister has been at Laurel Cove for the last couple of years. They have provided a caring, safe environment and are genuinely concerned about the welfare of their residents. Staff members that have been particularly helpful are Victoria, Shannon and Zeleka. They are all extremely responsive and do such a wonderful job taking care of the residents. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a quality assisted living situation at a reasonable cost.

Glenn Sumida

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