Hospice Care Port Ludlow, Washington

Hospice Port LudlowIn the United States, many individuals with terminal illnesses receive care that is not consistent with their wishes. To prevent this from happening, Port Ludlow, WA residents must understand their end-of-life options for healthcare. Hospice is one option, and Washington palliative care is another. 

Before you choose between different healthcare options, familiarize yourself with both alternatives. Then, you can know for sure whether you prefer Washington palliative care or hospice care.

Difference Between Washington Palliative Care and Hospice Care

When making plans for their healthcare, Port Ludlow residents should not overlook end-of-life care options. Stating your preferences to a caregiver in advance can help you avoid unwanted treatments in the event that you become seriously ill. In Washington, palliative care and hospice care are the two main end-of-life care options.

Palliative Care

For terminally ill patients in Washington, palliative care focuses on treating the symptoms and stresses of their illness. It is a resource for Port Ludlow, WA patients living with a serious illness, such as Parkinson’s disease, cancer, dementia, heart failure, and more. Doctors who provide Washington palliative care treat seriously ill patients for as long as possible.

If the medical team providing Washington palliative care believe that ongoing treatment is no longer helping, they can suggest two possibilities: the Washington palliative care team can place increasing emphasis on comfort care or transition to hospice care.

Hospice Care

At some point, curing a serious illness may not be possible or the patient may no longer be willing to undergo certain treatments. Hospice care is designed for these situations. In this end-of-life care option, comprehensive comfort care is provided to the patient but attempts to cure the person’s illness are stopped.

Doctors recommend hospice care to Port Ludlow, WA patients whose illnesses no longer respond to medical treatments. Instead of undergoing invasive and painful medical procedures that no longer help, patients have the opportunity to live out the rest of their days with comfort and dignity.

What Are the Benefits of Hospice Care?

Here are some common reasons why patients choose hospice care as their end-of-life care options: 

  • Provides a Comprehensive Plan

The focus of hospice care is making sure that a patient’s final days are as dignified and comfortable as possible. A team of compassionate and caring medical professionals works hard to address all aspects of a patient’s illness, placing importance on reducing pain and discomfort. You may work with doctors, therapists, social workers, and other healthcare providers who seek to guide you during this challenging time. 

  • Offers Personalized Care and Support

Through hospice care, patients can get the personalized care and support they need. Hospice professionals are on-call 24-hours a day. They’ll be willing to provide patients with everything they need to be comfortable, whether it’s companionship, caring words, the patient’s favorite food, or simply a listening ear.

  • Respects the Patient’s Wishes

This is the essence of hospice care. By opting for Port Ludlow hospices, families can focus on spending time with their ill loved one instead of worrying about extensive hospital procedures or costly treatments.

Hospice care also allows patients the chance to die with dignity. They can spend the rest of their days living comfortably, not undergoing painful procedures or being poked and prodded hourly by medical personnel. 

  • Lessens Financial Burden

For most families, medical bills can be overwhelming. Thankfully, out-of-pocket costs are significantly reduced under hospice supervision. Insurance plans also help cover hospice care.

  • Includes Family Counseling

Guidance and support for the patient’s family are necessary parts of hospice care. With caring hospice professionals by the family’s side, the patient’s loved ones may better understand and manage the different emotions they feel during this difficult time. Port Ludlow hospices may also offer bereavement and grief counseling after their loved one has passed.

Receive Compassionate Hospice Care at Our Senior Living Community

Encore Communities provides hospice care for Port Ludlow, WA residents. At our senior living community, elderly patients can opt for various healthcare services, including hospice care. Our caring and dedicated team welcomes patients from Port Hadlock, Port Ludlow, WA, and surrounding areas. Contact us today, and learn more about hospice care.


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