Statistics show that more than 800,000 older Americans currently live in an assisted living facility [1]. Talking with a loved one about transitioning to this type of housing can be difficult. Many have anxiety about leaving a home that is comfortable and familiar. This is why it’s essential to have an open conversation so that your loved one can see how an assisted living facility can be the best option for this stage of their life. We will share some tips to make this conversation easier for you and explore the assisted living options Encore Communities offers.

Why Talking About Assisted Living with Your Loved Ones Can Be Difficult

Many seniors fear that moving to an assisted living community will mean losing their independence. They fear they will be cut off from their friends and family and be left to live in an isolated community. While this is far from the truth, your loved one needs to be reassured that they will still have a safe level of independence and access to many activities while maintaining their relationships with family and friends.

Recognizing the need for assisted living can be challenging for your loved one to accept. Knowing they are becoming weaker and may require more help can be difficult. Your loved one may also be concerned about paying for this type of housing. Be sure to have a payment plan ready before you begin the conversation so that you can ease their worries.

When Should You Talk to Loved Ones About Assisted Living?

If possible, you want to have this conversation before the need for assisted living becomes immediate. This will help relieve stress and emotions surrounding the decision and allow time for everyone to express their concerns and agree. When you’re in a situation where a loved one needs help immediately, you may be more prone to choose whatever is available rather than what is best for them. Your loved one may feel pressured to decide, making them more uneasy about the move. The more time you have to talk and choose a facility, the better it will be for everyone.

Tips to Talk to Your Loved One about an Assisted Living Facility

List the Concerns You Have

Your loved one may not be aware or want to admit they need help. Have a list of concerns ready to discuss before you start your conversation. Whether there are memory issues or worries about falling inside the home, you want to discuss why moving to an assisted living facility is in their best interest.

Have an In-Person Discussion

Don’t leave this type of discussion to a phone call. Arrange a meeting time with your loved one and discuss the decision. If you can’t be physically together, at least schedule a video call to see each other when you’re talking.

Be an Active Listener

Your loved one will have many questions and concerns about moving to an assisted living facility. Be sure to actively listen to them so that you can provide the answers they need and talk about what has them worried. You also want to respect their anxieties and not downplay them. This will make them feel you don’t care about their feelings or what they say.

Keep Them Involved in the Decision

You don’t want to go into the conversation with a facility already chosen for them. You want to keep them involved in deciding where they will live as long as they are mentally capable. Keeping them involved in the decision can make them more likely to agree to the move.

Stress the Benefits of Assisted Living

Many seniors have misinterpretations of what assisted living is. Stress the benefits of what this type of community can offer. From help with daily living activities to socialization opportunities, assisted living facilities have plenty to offer residents.

Educate Yourself About the Options

Before you start the conversation, you want to know what assisted living facilities are available and what is within budget. Once you see the help your loved one will need, you can begin researching places that have vacancies so you can find the perfect fit. Present them with several options so you can all decide which is best.

Assisted Living Facility Options at Encore Communities

Encore Communities offers assisted living options at its Clearbrook Inn community in Silverdale, WA, and Laurel Cove Community in Shoreline, WA. These assisted living communities provide medical care and skilled nursing care when needed, housekeeping services, assistance with activities of daily living ADLS, and plenty of activities to keep residents busy and interacting with each other. Transportation services are also provided to allow residents to remain as independent as possible.

Contact us today to learn more about our assisted living communities and to schedule a tour for you and your loved one.





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