If you’ve had an accident or are recovering from an extended illness, you may need short-term rehabilitation services. These services can help you get back on your feet and return home while hopefully avoiding another trip to the hospital.

We will share some reasons why you may want to consider these services for yourself or a loved one and look at some of the services Encore Communities provides in this area.

What is Short-Term Rehabilitation?

Short-term rehabilitation allows patients the care and support they need to regain their independence and return home. It typically follows a hospital stay. Patients who have been in an accident, have had surgery, or are recovering from a severe illness will generally be the best candidates for this type of care.

During short-term rehab, patients receive the care they need and different types of therapies to aid in their recovery. Your physician can help determine if short-term rehabilitation is proper for you after a hospital stay. Often, Medicare will cover the cost if it follows time in the hospital [1].

5 Reasons to Opt for Short-Term Rehabilitation

Not Medically Ready to Return Home

If patients return home too soon after an illness or surgery, they risk not fully recovering or becoming even more injured or ill. By opting for short-term rehabilitation, they can still get the medical help they need to make them strong enough to go home.

Can Manage a Wide Variety of Health Needs

When patients receive rehabilitation, they can get several services under one roof. From respiratory care to speech and occupational therapies, patients can get all the care they need without worrying about going to different locations.

24-hour Care is Available

Many patients opt for this type of rehabilitation because it provides 24-hour care. If there is a problem, patients can notify staff and receive immediate care.

Peace of Mind for Caregivers

When someone returns home too soon following an illness or accident, caregivers can take on more than they are equipped to handle. Short-term rehabilitation provides patients with the care they need before they should return home. This takes the burden off caregivers and gives them peace of mind that their loved one receives the proper treatment.

Comfortable Setting

Unlike a hospital, a short-term rehabilitation facility offers a comfortable environment for patients to recover. There are spacious areas to rest, have meals, and participate in activities.

Benefits of Short-Term Rehabilitation

Shorter Recovery Time

Patients who go through a short-term rehabilitation program tend to have a shorter recovery time than those who go directly home. They also have better outcomes, which can help them regain their independence.

Specialized Care

During the recovery program, patients enjoy specialized care for their condition. Their treatment is tailored to their needs and allows them to build relationships with their caregivers and medical team. They get to know what each patient needs so they can get home to their regular lives.

Nutritious Meals

Patients also receive nutritious meals to help them in their recovery. When the body is getting the proper nutrients, it can heal better. If patients are alone at home, they may not prepare the right foods. This can hinder their recovery and overall health.

Secure Environment

When your loved one stays at a rehabilitation center, they will be in a safe environment that caters to their needs. There will be safety bars, shower seats, and other equipment needed to be in a safe space 24/7.

Overall, deciding to enter a short-term rehabilitation facility is far better than risking going home when you’re not medically ready. Remember, short-term stays are just that…short term. Your length of stay will depend on your condition and the type of care needed.

Seek Short-Term Rehabilitation with Encore Communities

If you or a loved one needs short-term rehabilitation, Encore Communities is here to help. Our Northwoods Lodge location offers state-of-the-art facilities with the best equipment to aid in recovery. Our short-term rehabilitation services can provide orthopedic care, cardiac recovery, neurological rehabilitation, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and more! Contact us today to learn more about how our short-term rehabilitation services can get you on the road to recovery!



[1] https://www.medicare.gov/coverage/inpatient-rehabilitation-care


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