8 Signs Your Loved One May Be Ready for Assisted Living in Washington

Deciding to put a loved one in an assisted living facility can be a difficult decision. Many times, families don’t know whether it is the right time. While everyone’s situation is different, there are several signs that your loved one may be ready for assisted living. As we explore these reasons, we’ll also look at how an assisted living facility in Washington at Encore Communities can help your loved one.

How to Know Your Loved One Needs Assisted Living in Washington

Statistics show that more than 800,000 Americans reside in assisted living facilities.[1] If you’re not sure if your loved one is ready to make the adjustment, here are eight common signs that it may be time:

1. Poor Health

Chronic health conditions are a good reason to look for an assisted living facility for your loved one. Your loved one may be having trouble keeping up with their condition, and any family caregivers may be unable to offer the car needed as the condition escalates. The nursing care available at an assisted living facility may be just what a loved one needs at this stage of their life.

2. Trouble Handling Daily Tasks

If your loved one is having trouble cooking or managing other activities of daily living, it could be a sign that it’s time to head to an assisted living facility. Facilities handle meals and provide the nutrition that your loved one needs to stay well-nourished.

3. No Longer Able to Care of the Home

As we age, caring for the home properly becomes more challenging. Repairs may be needed, and daily housekeeping chores may become difficult. This can lead to unsanitary and dangerous living conditions. When seniors are in an assisted living community, they don’t have to worry about caring for their homes. These types of chores are done for them, allowing them to relax in their surroundings.

4. Frequent Falls

Falling is something that can become common as people get older. Falls can result in broken bones, head injuries, and other serious injuries. Assisted living facilities are built with fall prevention in mind. There are often access bars to help people walk and keep their balance. Bathrooms also have safety items to make life easier and prevent falls. There is also staff on hand to help if a resident happens to fall. Many seniors live alone, and if they do fall, no one is there to recognize that they are in trouble.

5. Medication Needs

Taking medicine at the right time can be challenging for some older adults. A medication mistake can prove to be life-threatening. If your loved one is having trouble remembering how much and when they should take their medication, this is a sign that they may be ready for assisted living. At an assisted living facility, skilled nursing staff is on hand to ensure residents take medicine as prescribed.

6. Handicap Accessibility

Assisted living facilities are handicap accessible, unlike many homes that are not. Rooms may be too small to handle wheelchairs or other types of equipment. If your loved one’s home can’t handle their needs with equipment, you may want to start looking at assisted living facilities as an option.

7. Memory Loss

Memory loss can lead to many dangers inside the home, such as leaving a stove on or forgetting to lock the door. They may also forget to take care of self-care tasks like showering. When memory loss becomes substantial, you’ll want to find a safe facility that will be able to help your loved one. Some communities that offer assisted living facilities also provide memory care which can be helpful as a loved one’s condition progresses.

8. Caregiver Burnout

Family caregivers can get burnt out if their loved one’s condition deteriorates. It can simply be too much for a family member to offer the level of care their loved one needs. When this happens, it’s time to start looking for an assisted living facility to handle your loved one better.

Benefits of Assisted Living

When you decide that your loved one is ready for assisted living, they will receive these benefits:

  • Personalized Care
  • A Safe Living Environment
  • Regular Social Activities
  • On-site Nursing Care 24/7
  • Much more!

Assisted living also gives families peace of mind that their loved one is being taken care of and that someone is always there for them when they can’t be.

How Encore Communities Can Help When You Need an Assisted Living Facility in Washington & Surrounding Areas

Encore Communities provides several assisted living options in the Washington area. Our Clearbrook Inn and Laurel Cove communities offer many options for your loved one. Call us today to learn more so that you can find the perfect fit when the time is right for assisted living.



[1] https://www.ahcancal.org/Assisted-Living/Facts-and-Figures/Pages/default.aspx#




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