As we age, we may realize we can no longer live alone. This may be due to health concerns, finances, or other factors out of our control. Affordable assisted living options for retirees offer seniors a choice regarding a reliable place to call home and access to essential amenities.

We’re going to take a closer look at what assisted living for seniors includes, how seniors pay for it, and the benefits they can receive from choosing this housing option. If you are looking at assisted living options for yourself or a loved one, we’ll explore how Encore Communities can help with its assisted living options.

What is Assisted Living for Seniors?

Assisted living for seniors can provide vital services for seniors who may need help in certain areas of their lives. People living in a senior assisted living facility typically have their own apartments or rooms and share common areas. An assisted living facility can provide help with daily care but does not offer as much support as someone would receive in a nursing home. [1]

When deciding if assisted living is right for you or a loved one, the following will be looked at to make an educated decision:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Level of Needed Support

Generally, assisted living residents will have any medical conditions under control and be relatively stable. Some assisted living facilities have a minimum age requirement of 62 or 65. Some serve seniors at the age of 55.

The goal of assisted living is to offer seniors independence while still giving them some extra help to make life easier. This way, they can live fulfilling and active lives.

What Does Assisted Living Offer?

When seniors choose to go into assisted living, they will have access to many amenities and services. These include:

  • Meals & Special Dietary Accommodations
  • Personal Care
  • Laundry
  • Housekeeping
  • Home Health Services

Assisted living facilities also provide 24-hour supervision so families can feel secure. There are also plenty of opportunities for recreational activities so that seniors can stay social. This is very important to prevent feelings of isolation and depression.

Benefits of Choosing Assisted Living

There are many benefits of choosing assisted living for your loved one. These include:

Active Lifestyle for Aging Adults

Seniors who choose assisted living can count on an active lifestyle. Many planned activities allow them to interact with each other and form friendships. From bingo to light exercise and day outings, there is something for everyone.

A Sense of Community

While residents have their own private living space, they share community areas where they gather for meals and activities. This helps residents bond and form friendships to avoid feeling lonely and isolated.

Personalized Care

When you have found the right assisted living facility, you will know because of the personalized care offered. This sense of customized care is comforting for individuals and families who may live far away.

Safe Living Environment

Assisted living facilities are monitored for security and also have personal safety measures in place. This includes shower bars, raised toilet seats, handrails, and more.

Healthy Meals

Assisted living facilities provide nutritious and delicious meals for seniors who may be unable to prepare them independently. The kitchen staff always keeps the dietary needs of its residents to supply the healthiest meals possible.

Peace of Mind for Families

Assisted living facilities provide families with peace of mind. They know their loved one is being cared for when they can’t. Knowing that a loved one is being looked after and has access to medical care is comforting for families.

Who Pays for Assisted Living?

Assisted living costs can range between $4,000 and $6,000 a month, depending on the facility and location. Medicare does not provide coverage for assisted living, so finding affordable assisted living options for retirees is essential.

If seniors have savings, it can help to pay for the cost. Other options that people look at are:

  • Private Pay (This can include pensions, savings, and income)
  • Long-term insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Home equity
  • Retirement accounts
  • Veterans Benefits (aid and assistance, survivors, basic pension, disability compensation, VA Insurance)

As you consider assisted living options, it’s essential to look at all the costs and determine how much it will cost monthly. From there, you can develop a plan to pay for the housing options.

Quality vs. Cost

While we all want to find affordable assisted living options for retirees, it’s essential not to sacrifice quality to save a few dollars. You want to keep these critical factors in mind as you search for the best housing options for your loved one:


If possible, you want to try to keep your loved one close by as you search for an assisted living facility. This is beneficial in an emergency because you can reach your loved one more easily.


Some seniors enjoy living in a smaller setting rather than a larger facility. If you know this pertains to your loved one, you’ll want to look for a smaller facility. If you choose a larger facility, you want to be sure there is enough staff and services for all residents.

Cleanliness & Safety

Never compromise cleanliness and safety. You want your loved one to always be in a secure environment. You also want the entire community to be clean. This will help your loved one stay in good health.

Affordable Assisted Living Options for Retirees at Encore Communities

Encore Communities offers affordable assisted living options in two different communities. Our Clearbrook Inn in Silverdale and Laurel Cove Community in Shoreline both provide a variety of living options along with excellent care and a wide range of activities.

The Clearbrook Inn facility offers private studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. There is also restaurant-style dining and licensed nurses onsite daily. Housekeeping and transportation services are also available for all residents. Clearbrook Inn includes three well-balanced meals, all utilities except phone and cable, an emergency call system with pendants upon request, apartment maintenance, and much more in its basic service.

At our Laurel Cove Community, residents can choose studio or one-bedroom apartments. Basic rates include daily social and recreational engagement, regular wellness checks, 24-hour call systems, and a 24-hour onsite care team.

Whichever community you choose, the goal is for residents to live as independently as possible while still receiving the help they need with their daily activities. Our teams also coordinate with primary care providers to provide the best care possible. At Encore Communities, we care for every aspect of your loved one’s life.

To find out more about the assisted living options Encore Communities offers, call us today or reach out to us online to schedule a tour. That is the best way to learn about our facilities and find the right fit for your loved one.  Let us show why so many people turn to Encore Communities for their assisted living needs.



[1] https://www.nia.nih.gov/health/residential-facilities-assisted-living-and-nursing-homes




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