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 Encore Communities is dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive memory care to the residents in our community. We want you to be able to live your golden years comfortably, which is why we make sure that your dignity, comfort, and needs always come first. When you turn to us for dementia care and Alzheimer’s care, we will work hard to make your experience as hassle-free as possible on your end.

What Is Memory Care?

Under the “assisted living” umbrella, memory care refers to a type of long-term nursing that is developed for people with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other memory problems. Memory care is often provided in facilities that offer senior care services.

Benefits of Memory Care

Memory care provides unique services.

Memory care differs from other types of care in that it is developed specifically for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory-related conditions. Memory care is intended for those who have already undergone diagnosis and are currently receiving medical care from a professional. In other words, memory care is given for additional support.

Memory care helps improve your physical safety.

One of the most common symptoms of memory-affecting conditions is the tendency of the patient to wander. This symptom can be dangerous, given that wandering may cause patients to go outside alone and defenseless. Through memory care, professionals can prevent such scenarios.

Memory care helps provide engagement.

Isolation is generally bad for those with memory-affecting conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Through memory care, patients are given the social interaction they need to prevent their situation from escalating into something graver.

In memory care, patients will have someone to talk to and keep them engaged. Good-natured people and things that are familiar to these memory care patients will also surround them. This familiarity will provide an additional connection for the memory care patients.

Memory care helps patients complete daily tasks.

Memory care services may include tasks such as cooking meals and cleaning for the patients. That said, memory care professionals will ensure that the patients are properly cared for every day.

Memory care allows for some independence.

Being in memory care does not restrained independence. Memory care patients do not need to sacrifice their favorite activities and could still do some of the things they usually do on a normal day.

For instance, memory care patients can go shopping and have their choice of groceries. While they do these activities, their memory care professional will make sure that they have the physical and emotional support they need.

The level of independence provided in memory care varies in different situations. With the happiness and health of the patients in mind, memory care professionals allow as much independence as possible.

Memory care offers assistance with medications.

Many memory care patients also need personalized assistance with other types of care, such as medication. In memory care, health care professionals will always be around to remind patients about the time they need to take prescribed medications.

Memory care focuses on patients’ strengths and abilities.

Excellent memory care does not focus on what the patient cannot do. Instead, it considers everything that he or she is capable of. By looking at the abilities of the patient that remain, memory care sends the signal that the patient is still a person with unique strengths and that he or she is not defined by a degenerative condition.

Memory care lets patients benefit from a balanced life.
For patients, memory care services create a lifestyle of balance that leads to their fulfillment and happiness. Memory care also offers opportunities that can give the patients’ life joy and meaning. Learn more about memory care here.

Reach Out to a Professional at Encore Communities

If you or someone you know needs memory care, trust none other than Encore Communities is the facility to trust. Contact one of our staff members to learn more. Learn more about us here.

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