Questions to Ask to Choose the Right Assisted Living Facility

Deciding to put your loved one in an assisted living facility is a big decision. Whether you’re close by or far away, you want to be sure your loved one is well taken care of on all fronts. Part of choosing the right assisted living facility is knowing what to look for and what questions to ask. We’re going to help you navigate through the process as we explore the right questions to ask and look at what Encore Communities has to offer for those looking for an assisted living facility.

Things to Look for in an Assisted Living Facility

As you explore different assisted living facilities, one of the first things you’ll notice is that they are not all created equal. Here are several factors to consider as you narrow your choices [1]:


Decide whether your loved one wants to live nearby or if they don’t mind moving a little farther. If you or other family members are nearby, it may be best to keep them close.

You also want to consider the setting itself. Are you looking for a country setting, or do you want more of an urban setting? These are things to think about as you look at assisted living communities. It also may be helpful to begin your search by simply googling “assisted living facility near me.”


Some people thrive better in smaller settings. If you know this is true for your loved one, look for a smaller assisted living facility. If you do opt for a larger one, be sure there are enough services to help all of the residents.


Cost is a big consideration when it comes to finding the right assisted living facility. Determine how you are going to pay the cost and set a budget. This will help to significantly narrow down your choices.

Cleanliness & Safety

You want your loved one to be in a safe and clean environment all of the time. When you tour the facility, take note of the cleanliness and what type of security measures are in place.

Questions to Ask When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

Now that you know what factors to look for in an assisted living facility, it’s time to explore the types of questions you’ll want to ask.

How many staff members are there to care for the residents?

You want to be sure that staff members are not responsible for too many patients.

Is there staff on site 24/7?

If a problem arises, you’ll want to know that someone is there to help your loved one.

What types of activities do you offer residents?

An active social life is just as important as proper medical care. Keeping social can help to ward off depression and improve mood. Generally, assisted living facilities offer a wide range of activities, but you should never assume.

Do you plan trips for residents?

If residents are able, many assisted living communities plan area trips for their residents.

How many meals are provided daily?

You’ll want to be aware of how many meals your loved one is entitled to daily to keep them healthy and well-nourished.

What types of food are not included?

Just as important as knowing what is included is knowing what is considered to be an extra when it comes to food.

What types of dining are available?

Some assisted living facilities will only offer dining in a common area, while others will bring food to a resident’s room.

Do you offer wellness or fitness classes?

Keeping residents healthy is an important factor for assisted living facilities. Ask what types of fitness classes are available for those who are able to attend.

Are there visiting hours?

Know when you can visit your loved one or if you can come and go as you please.

Are family and friends allowed to join you for meals?

Many times, residents like to have meals with their loved ones and friends. If they can’t get out, some facilities will allow people to join them at mealtime.

Do you allow pets?

For many, pets can provide therapy and make a good companion to battle loneliness.

Are rooms shared or private?

Finally, be sure to know whether your loved one will have their own room or if they will have a roommate.

Asking these questions should help you choose the right assisted living facility to suit your loved one’s needs. Remember, it’s important to ask as many questions as possible so you can feel confident that you are making the right choice.

Assisted Living at Encore Communities

Encore Communities offers assisted living at its best. The goal is to provide residents with as much independence as possible while giving them the services they need. Choose from assisted living at our Clearbrook Inn property or Laurel Cove Community. Call us today to learn more about how an assisted living facility can be the perfect fit for your loved one.





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